Nebula does not start on Samsung S21 - login failur

When trying to start nubala on the S21 I get the following message after the ok to let the glasses use Nebula on the device.

This site is not available.
Referring to

If I try to reload it stays.
I am in the Netherlands

Any thoughts?

the URI is the old URI that the Nebula app used to login. After the Nreal to Xreal rebrand you need to install the latest Nebula app.

The latest versions are posted in the thread for people outside of the published area

" New Nebula App (V3.2.1) for Non-GP Users!"

Thank you for the reply. I downloaded the latest version 3.2.1 and got the same message. It still points at the old nreal site for login. Any advice?

Cannot start the AR space without a proper app. Am outside the playstore area.

Please advice.


I think 3.5.0 is the latest. If you scroll down in the thread you will see at the bottom the link posted for 3.5.0

Hi, please download the V3.5.0 version of Nebula. We have changed the login service so you may encounter the login issue in the older versions (V3.3.0 or below).