Nebula for Window V0.7.0 Released!

I tested the version 0.7.0 with my AMD RX 6600 but without success. I use an HDMI to TypeC adapter for this. But it works with GingerXR. Has anyone had any success getting the Nebula software to work using this method?

Will it be possible to start the program later without admin rights? I don’t have admin rights on my office notebook.

It requires Admin permissions. And you can try to check this link for troubleshooting. XReal Air — Multi-Monitor AR Setup on Windows using Nebula & Troubleshooting | by Han N | Medium

I was having some initial trouble setting up wide screen (was normal resolution stretched to wide, had to manually set resolution), some screen tearing and starting with the fast refresh rate freezes the nebula app on one of my laptops, but otherwise works great. Wish I could add more virtual screens.

Any chance of releasing the nebula for windows as open source? At least in part, so that the comunity can help develop? I am also a developer; I am sure I couldn’t write Nebula for Windows myself from scratch, but I could surely extend it, and if not just me, community is much greater and eager to help. I think it would be a great benefit and help to your product and should save you at least some time in development.

EDIT: Also, how about some higher resolutions on virtual screens? If I can set the size and distance so that I can only see a part of it through the “viewport”, I don’t see any reason why the resolution should be limited to 1080p? I am running 2x4K + 1xFHD on hardware monitors, so the rendering capability must exist. That’s 9 FHD screens of pixel real-estate.

In the end Xreal has accepted their responsibility and they did reimburse me.

I recommend everyone not satisfied with their “Beta-approach” to do the same.
Ultimately it should result in a better company doing better products.