Need Fast Charge for Gaming Machine Development


We have recently developed an AR game and a Gaming machine with NReal Devkit. We will soon start marketing and sales, but we have a charging problem with NReal Devkit. We charge the Devkit with a power bank (Asus ZenPower 10050 mAh 5.1V/2.4A) from micro usb while playing, but glasses consumes more power than it is charged, and glasses lasts at most 3:45 hours. This is an extremely low time for a game machine, so we need to increase time to at least 8 hours. How can we do this, is it possible to do fast charge so it last more and which power bank shall we use to have maximum time?

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Cagatay Undeger

Hi, the lasting time is mainly determined by the current capacity of the battery, which is 2640mAh. At present, there is no power-saving solution from the SDK.

Hi, I don’t need a power saving solution as SDK, we do it. I would be pleased if your hardware developer team to propose me a powerbank on the marker that will maximize battery fill up rate of DevKit as fast as possible. Which type of powerbank shall we use to make best fast charge from Micro USB input?

Hi, we cannot recommend powerbank, but I can tell you the charger which supports fast charge will be better to get the dev kit charged.

OK. Which type of powerbank shall we use then?

And Is there a charging speed difference between microusb and type-c?
Type-c is very difficult to use while glasses is connected since we need a compatible usb4 hub, but if you say Type-c is faster, we will try to do it.

The worse case alternative, is there a way to buy additional Computing Unit, without buying the entire set? Since we will use 2 computing units with 1 glasses.

Hi, sorry that we don’t sale the computing unit separately.

The devKit has charging problems, it cannot be charged reliably. Sometimes it charges rapidly, and sometimes it never charges for hours. We do not understand what is going on. We completed every thing for the gaming console and our only missing is energy problem of the glasses and please do something to help us. We are Waiting a solution from you.

Could you please try to charge it with a USB-C interface and a separate charging adaptor?