New Approach for macOS


My understanding is that the Nebular software mirrors and essentially streams the macOS desktop. Have you considered instead creating one or more virtual displays?

As an idea you might look at how BetterDisplay works and maybe even contact the developer . Github link here.

I think with this method you might get rid of a lot of issues I’ve read about on these forums, including compatibility with Sonoma as well as using Spaces and such.

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Thank you for providing me with this information. I will make sure to relay it to the development team.

I’m new here. I just bought my Real glasses from Amazon. I have a Mac.I need to update my Xreal Air firmware. When I click on “Start AR Desktop” I keep getting “Please reconnect the glasses and restart Nebula”. I’ve followed the recommendations for a fix from elsewhere on this site with no success. Today Apple provided MacOS Sonoma 14.0. Can I assume Xreal / Nebula hasn’t caught up with the newest Apple operating system? The glasses work but I’ve seen reviews where some very desirable changes have been incorporated into the newest firmware. I still have time left to return these to Amazon if I can’t make these work as advertised.

Hi, please make sure the glass is connected to your Mac directly instead of through the third-party adaptors. After that, please go to XREAL Air - Firmware update and update your glass.

As I said, I’ve followed the recommendations for a fix from elsewhere on this site with no success. Your recommendation yields: “There seems to be a compatibility issue with your browser. Please make sure your browser is Google Chrome (version 89 or later)”. I did though learn bout downloading the Nebula app for Mac. Unfortunately that currently results in a dead end. I’m hoping someone from xreal will make the app work with the new Apple Mac OS 14 Sonoma.

According to the description, it seems like the USB signal of your glass is not detected by the browser and Mac Nebula. There are several causes. The first is that the browser is not correct or the cache is not clear, please try to clear the cache using the incognito mode of Chrome, and try to connect the glass again.
The second is that the cable of your glass is not connected correctly(the bend end should be connected with the Air glass) Or the USB interface is broken (the hardware part). For this issue, it is recommended to replace your glass.

But, I have to tell you that there is a compatibility issue between the Mac Nebula and MacOS14. Only one virtual screen can be enabled because the OS sets a limit for external virtual monitors.

You opened the link in Safari. Paste it into Chrome (or Edge as I did) and it will work. That said the AR Desktop does not work with more than one screen currently in Sonoma, but it works well with Ventura.

You said earlier “Today Apple provided macOS Sonoma”, but they didn’t - you must have installed the public beta (which has been available for months) because Sonoma isn’t going general release until later in September. It isn’t surprising that an app (which is in beta itself) doesn’t work with the beta version of a new operating system.

I’d like to 2nd the original message on this thread. macOS user here and AR desktop is useless to me if I have to switch to using separate spaces (which requires a logout). I’m not going to change my workflow to accommodate glasses, however cool as they are.

I can’t vouch for Better Display, but it seems like the developer’s solved this problem. Here’s to hoping.

its been fixed. i just tried and verified it works!