Nreal Air received but

I usual I always make mistake between the Z Flip and Z fold. Unfortunately the ga
Lasses are only compatible with the fold, which is a deception to me. I ha e an iPhone 11 and need to buy an Nreal adapter plus an apple Av do gle to make the work but I will loose the android experience, which is sad to me. My question is : is there a way to make them work with my Z Flip in any way? If I activate them with a P or Mac, won’t it work after? Is there any way to use the with my Z flip 3?

Hi, the Z flip series phone doesn’t come with DP, so it cannot be compatible with our glass, no solution for it. Really sorry about it.

I’d suggest skipping the adapter if you’re going to use it with an iPhone. In my experience, it’s unreliable/unstable, XReal’s firmware update pages for the adapter don’t work and haven’t for the last few days, indicating a lack of focus on this product and the required part you must buy from Apple doesn’t seem to have stable support from Apple either.

If you want to use the Airs with an iPhone, I’d suggest waiting for the Beam, either pre-ordering or waiting to see if it works for others if you’re more cautious.