0.5 second audio delay with Beam

Yesterday, I received the Air 2 Pro and a Beam. After connecting the Beam to a hotspot, it installted the latest firmware. In the menu it says for launcher version: 924

Now, the problem is that with a wired connection to a Windows 10 PC, there is a delay of about half a second in audio when playing back videos. Can this please be fixed?

I also tried wireless connection, but that doesn’t work. My Sony phone is not compatible with the Beam either. This means, to watch videos with the Air 2 Pro, I have to avoid using the Beam. I think the Beam should not be marketed as a finished product. It seems to be in alpha stage. Too many things are not working yet.

Hi, sorry for the issue you encountered. I have tested the same connection with the Windows PC on Youtube, and got no issue. Could you please tell me what app or website you tested?

Thanks for looking into it! Indeed, today, after a restart of Windows, I could not reproduce the issue. If it happens again, and if I find a way to reproduce it, I’ll let you know!

The delay yesterday was very noticeable. Online there are other reports about delays with the Beam and Windows, albeit from a few months ago.

After several updates of the Beam, we optimized the performance of the system. There should be no latency issue by wired connection.