2D App ability only on contract phones. What is special about this?

2D App ability only on 2 contract phones here in Germany. What is special about this?

As the question implies. What is 2D App? Will I miss this, if I don’t get a compatible device?
I just don’t want to buy a dead duck.

2D apps are your native android apps. The same apps you have on your phone like TikTok and YouTube.

With this you can run these apps in Nebula’s MR space.

It’s a very powerful feature that’s gives you access to the full app list from the Play Store. Which is very recommended seeing that NReal doesn’t have that many apps yet.

OK, thank you. Well that is actually very important so it looks like a contract phone for me. How stupid is that? Forcing people into a specific phone. I would actually love to have the Nreal with the Zenfone 8 flip with 2D app. Well OK, maybe in the future we will be free to decide.


If you build your own rom you can use any phone with compatible hardware. You have to sign the services apk(and the nebula apk) with the platform key before building to rom flash file. That is all.
I’m using it fully with OP9Pro with modified Lineage OS build.


That’s awesome! But why do you need a custom rom for that?

You can also resign the full OTA if you want. I did resign the OnePlus one for testing.
Short version of what you need to do:

  • check framework apk signature and find all APK and jar files that share it.
    -deodex rom
    -resign all APK and jar’s found in step 1
    -sign nreal apps with same key as previous step

Please keep in mind that you won’t get any update for any of the resigned apps. If you want updates you’ll need to extract them from OTA’s, deodex and sign them. ONly after you can install the updates.

The carrier roms are a little like that. They have a platform key that signs the system framework and anything signed with that key gets access to some low level api’s that you can’t use otherwise. That is why it’s advertised and sold with carrier devices.


That’s what worrys me. Will Nebula ever have a universal version in the future if it only runs 2D apps this way?

It’s is possible. You can do screen capture and apply that as a texture to a game object. You just need to do it at least 24-25 times/second. That would be be minimum limit for the human eye to see it as fluid movement. Ideally you should aim for 60/s (to emulate 60 fps) if you want to get good performance for video watching or online meetings and such.
The one thing to keep in mind is that it won’t work with apps that have that secure flag set. Those block screen capture and recording.

Nebula is a demo application so I’m not expecting them to work on compatibility for other devices.
It would be nice if nReal would open source the services apk and the app but I’m not putting my hopes up.

P.S. Nice app you’re working on Fare :slight_smile: Nice work.

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