3 in 1 adapter for Nreal

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I have purchased the Mad Gaze 3 in 1 adapter for Nreal Light Glasses and wanted to share my results with you. LINK

The adapter comes with the items as described below:
Adapter items

Cables info:

  • Cables looks thin just like iphone cables.
  • Comes with two USB-A to Micro-USB cables, one for charging the battery and one to use with phones that has Micro-USB (2.0)
  • USB-A to Type-C is essentially 2.0 (which is an issue, since Nreal Light glasses needs 3.0 for AR features). Also note that this cable is OTG (not regular USB-A to Type-C cables).
  • No cables for Iphone, you will need to use your own cable.


  • The adapter itself looks solid.
  • However I cannot identify the HDMI port if it’s compatible with 2.0 or 2.1. (4k or more).
  • USB-A port for Phone is 2.0. Between this port and the HDMI port, there is hole which I assume is for the plastic pin of the cables to be more steadily connected with to the adapter USB-A port while moving around.
  • Has USB-C female for the glasses and Micro-USB for charging the battery.
  • Has wak up button and volume up/down button. this is illustrated here:
    adapter buttons

Tests/ Experiments:

  • Connected Nreal to adapter alone without phone: nothing happens.

  • Connected Nreal and the android phone to the adapter using USB-A to Type-C (OTG): Nebula app open up and indicates that the the glasses is connected. But nothing shows up on the glasses. No matter if i tried to switch to MR SPACE or air casting mode. When try MR SPACE it gives error (no description, just to contact support). Meanwhile the phone is charged.

  • Connected Nreal and the android phone with regular 2.0 cable (No OTG): After 10 to 30 seconds, EZCast logo screen shows on Nreal Light glasses, while on the phone it’s indicated to install a app called “MiraPlug” LINK . After installing and allowing some permission i was able to cast my phone on Nreal Light Glasses by using MiraPlug app. Nebula never opened automatically this time, so i did manually and there is NO indications the glasses is connected (there i cannot try MR Space). Phone is charging normally. MiraPlug optionally indicates that you can use Bluetooth device for audio.

  • Connected Nreal and the Iphone: After 10 to 30 seconds, EZCast logo screen shows on Nreal Light glasses. No apps are required, i just needed to trust the device and i could simply cast my iphone screen. No sounds comes out of the Nreal Glasses while playing something or air casting youtube. So for this one you might also need Bluetooth audio device. Meanwhile, It also charges the phone.

Pending tests: Nreal light glases with HDMI device.

The Mad Gaze 3 in 1 adapter works basically for screen mirroring while charging your phone, which is good since phone battery will drain up really fast and therefore you will no longer be able to enjoy content on the glasses (since after 2 - 3 hours it’s game over, out of bat). The screen mirroring is basically the same as air casting, the screen will stay pinned on your head. This is possible thanks to EZCast chip inside the adapter (I didn’t experienced delays, so yeah no delays). Sadly you cannot use AR features in other words you cannot use Nebula with this adapter. Maybe one day, Nreal team ( @Nreal_JosephLiu @XREAL-dev ) can provide their own USB 3.0+ based adapter that can charge your phone while also possible being charging on the wall at same time for experiencing AR features. I mean you cannot offer windows support but offer this instead at least. On another note, Mad Gaze 3 in 1 adapter is too expensive for having these low specs, specially the USB 2.0. However if you really wanna just screen mirror your phone for hours then it’s for you.


Thank you for letting us know! Without beeing able to use the MR SPACE it is kinda not the thing I am searching for. This is sad. Seems to be just a casting device getting content from screen mirroring.

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Any luck in finding out if HDMI works with the device?

For the iPhone test did you have to do anything other than plug it in? Did you have to have an appropriate Android phone to set it up first?

I tested the HDMI with my PlayStation 4, video works to work just like the ugreen or SIIG HDMI to USB-C adapter except for the audio (There is no audio coming from the Nreal Light glasses).

For the Iphone test, you just need to plug in/ connect the lightning usb cable to your Iphone and the 3 in 1 adapter. Since the adapter does not come with this, you are going to need to use the cable that came with your iphone. (For newer iphones that comes with usb c instead of usb - a, then get the old cable: LINK )
And yes i did use appropriate android phone devices Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G and OnePlus 7T.

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Redmagic adapter made for nubia works super fine, can charge and use all the functions like it was connected directly to the phone or steamdeck or whatever

This works

Hdmi to USB C

Do you know where you got this information?