3D from Android phone

Am I right in thinking that I won’t be able to do this?

I recode 3840x1080 Sbs but the glasses duplicate the resolution of the phone (honor magic pro 5) and so because the phone can’t switch resolution the glasses will never show the 3D properly

Can someone answer this?

You can try to switch the glasses to 3D mode by holding the Brightness+ button for 3-4s (when you hear the first beep sound).

Yes I know but if the phone output does not match the 3840 width required it won’t overlay each image correctly

Would you expect if I output 3840x1080 SBS 3D from an Android Phone using VLC that it should just work?

I’m not sure if the Magic Pro 5 supports 3840*1080 output like most of the phones. But I think you can have a try.


Could you point me at a 3D video file that I could download that is known to work. I’m not sure the files I have are the exact size needed


Please try the following 3D video:

There generally is no need to recode SBS 3D video to physical 32:9: competent media players will do the aspect size correction on the fly.

With the glasses in dual monitor passive mode (no Nebula and dual mode activated via long-push on lower-brightness/volume button) there is nothing really operating system dependent that needs to be done: your media player just needs to paint into the two adjacent display in full-screen at the proper aspect ratio.

VLC on Windows seems to have a bug there: If I try to specify the 32:9 aspect ratio on the GUI, it gets ignored and unfortunately there is no direct 32:9 aspect ratio preset. I have to use the command line to make it work e.g. VLC --aspect-ratio 32:9.

VLC on Android is much easier in my experience. With anything connected to the display port, it defaults to playing the video on the external interface and if that is set to 32:9 dual mode instead of 16:9 mirror mode it will display SBS video in stereo automatically. You may still have to adjust the aspect ratio tapping on the lower right, but always find the right one in there somewhere, even if it’s not the default.

I tend to use the Solid File Explorer on Android to actually stream the video files from my home-server, because that one has the 20TB RAID6 movie database that serves all kinds of clients in the family: recoding for any of them specifically was done via my Plex server ten years ago, but these days every device will handle up to 4k, even if it makes no sense visually.

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How would you recommend that anyone converts 3D BluRay ISO to SBS?

Great info by the way


Sorry, I have no idea if BluRay 3D content is using a non-SBS formart or not, I would have always assumed that SBS or top/bottom etc. are choices independent of the physical media (BR, DVD and others).

And then I don’t have BR ISOs or disks to try.

On Windows I’ve also used the Stereoscopic Player, which supports a wide range of 3D devices and formats and I’ve used for more than a decade with very 3D technology out there, tinted glasses, LCD-shutters, polarized screens etc.

It also works well with the glasses in dual-display passive mode. That would play any source I’ve tried there, but I don’t know of an equivalent Android application.

I also have not looked because so far all 3D content I have is SBS and typically has been converted into MKV or MP4 by tools like Handbrake: I’ve not seen any hints that Handbrake is transcoding between distinct 3D formats, though.

AFAIK that mostly tends to be an on-the-fly operation as it is really a very cheap 2D BitBlt, perhaps with a bit of aspect ratio adaptation, which again is very cheap for current hardware.

But then BlueRay has been designed to make it so difficult to use, that it deserved its success.


Thanks for the reply

BluRay 3D uses frame packed. An additional folder has a second stream where they record only the differences between the left and right frame rather than a second whole frame.

When you got 3D on TV it was SBS but only half the resolution 1920x1080 so horizontally they were half resolution

I’ll do a bit of digging but I think converting to a full SBS recording needs looks of 3rd party utilities and is a bit of a faff


I suppse you’re never supposed to have BluRay ISOs with unencrypted data, so I guess tools like that might have a tiny non-professional market.

Yes, resolution for SBS 3D is less than what the physical glasses can display, but the type of content I’ve been watching didn’t lend itself to pixel counting: mostly you’re busy to duck and hide or overdosing on endless CGI action scenes.

They would have more potential on 180° or 360° IMAX type content, I guess, but there seem just too many software obstacles to make that work via VR and the 60Hz refresh limit on dual screen mode could eventually become an issue as well.

And then, who would provide the content? Everything 180° or 360° I’ve seen on Youtube was so low resolution, any sense of immersion was quickly lost. For good 360° content I’d guess you’d be talking 8k source media, even if you only look on a 2k windows.

With the Air² so far the best part for me was that I was actually able to watch whole movies without wanting to just rip the headset off.

I’ve collected a few variants over the last years and none of them make for comfortable enough wear for a full length movie or hours of gaming.

Projectors and TVs with polarization or shutters have also meant sacrificing something, but at least I could endure the light glasses.

But my family assures me that the glasses are rather bothersome at the volumes I need for hearing and having to use some type of earphone kills quite a bit of the wearing comfort.

With too little transparency to survived walking around with then without accidents even while paused or not active, with still too little transparency below the active portion to use a laptop screen or paper and with too bad a fit because of my IPD to even enjoy desktop clarity at a productive level, the Air² remains at best a gimmick just at the hardware level, nothing one could wear for extended periods of time, as “augmented” vs. “mixed reality” suggests.

And the lack of usable software doesn’t help.

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