3DoF Screen Mirroring Accessory - What is it exactly?

I noticed one of the moderators on reddit mentioned a “3DoF Screen Mirroring Accessory” is coming out at some stage this year:

Is this really what I think it is?
Will this accessory enable 3DoF for any video output signal without using CPU/GPU resources of the host device?
Which ports will this accessory have?


Hi, yep, similar to what you thought.

Thanks for confirming @XREAL-dev
Nice to hear processing offload adapters are becoming a reality.

Will it be DSP or FPGA based?
Are there any plans to add 6DoF processing to this adapter?
i.e. offloading 6DoF would be the way towards independence from Qualcomm and a way towards making glasses fully functional on any phone with DP output.
In fact, this would open doors to proper OpenVR or OpenXR support that does not affect PC/Mac performance.