6DoF generated from 3DoF with the Air

Hi @XREAL-dev

It may be possible to turn the Air into a relatively acceptable 6DoF headset for stationary sitting or standing positions.
Does Nreal have plans to generate 6DoF from 3DoF by calibrating to individual neck and torso length measurements?



Hi, the hardware of Air limits the possibility, the Air glass can only support up to 3Dof.

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I am fully aware that Air’s sensor is 3DoF only.

What I am asking is to generate 6DoF using 3DoF data based on the length of torso and the neck.
A little machine learning may be required to distinguish between how 3DoF sensor responds to neck VS torso movements.
This can be done either in firmware by the DSP or it can be done on PC.
Either way each user will need to go through a simple calibration procedure and input their neck/torso length measurements.

This will not substitute proper 6DoF although it should provide sufficient 6DoF fidelity in a lot of use cases.
It also is an option that eliminates the worry of having to compute 6DoF from the camera feed.

Would Nreal be interested in putting this together?


Hi, thanks for your suggestions, we never think about this kind of method. I will give feedback to the R&D team.


Dude you’re brilliant. Great idea!