About Nreallight Developer Kit

I want to install Google play apk on Nreallight Developer Kit and install nebura.
Does anyone know how?

It’s been 2 weeks since you posted your question so I bet you’ve already solved this, but if not:

You need to install the Nebula on your device and set it up there, you can find the download link here. When you build your apps later on, you build for android. You have to connect the glasses to the device, launch nebula, and THEN launch the app.

Sorry for the dummy answer, I just wanted to be extra clear incase you were still stuck on this but I bet you’ve already solved this.

All the best!

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Bro not a dummy answer at all, you just spelled it out clear as day for me.

I just got my dev kit in the mail and the first time I turned it on was like “Uhhh this isn’t Nebula OS… Right?” xD

Although checking the link now, in June 2022, I can’t seem to find an APK download?

Hi, there is a link for downloading Nebula apk. But Nebula cannot be installed on computing unit. Please notice it.