About streaming receiver and screen position out of view frustum problems

I’m having problems on two specific points while developing an app that would benefit from streaming.
While trying to connect the glasses using a dev-kit to the streaming receiver available as a beta on another post I always get as a response “Failed to connect to server”. I’m trying to connect the two devices using the same Network and I turn off my firewall when trying to connect them. It stills never connect and only plays on loop a movie, giving 0 feedback on the receiver’s end. It may be due to the receiver being in beta and not really working on every environment or something like that, but if someone has experienced a similar behaviour and solved it I would be thankful if they could share the solution with me.

Streaming aside, I also noticed that upon entering any custom application, be it a demo one included on the NRSDK or one developed by me, the system returns a long series of “Screen position out of view frustum”. Upon further inspection I reached the conclusion that the camera giving this error must be on the main menu of the dev kit as the problem only appears before my app or the demo app has loaded. This problem sometimes blocks the load of the other application, forcing a reset of the system or disconnecting the glasses and closing every application manually using scrcpy to access the dev-kit from my computer. Any thoughts on how to solve this another problem or would it require changes on the software of the dev-kit?

Thanks in advance for any feedback on any of these two problems.

Hi, @JavierZf,

Regarding the “Failed to connect to server” issue with the streaming receiver, have you set your API compatability level to .Net 4.x in the Project Settings under Configurations? If not then please try. I hope this helps.

Yes, API compatibility was already on .Net 4.x so the problem must be somewhere else.
Thank you for taking the time to answer anyway! I really appreciate the help!

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