About the warning "[NRCameraInitializer] Auto adaption for DevieType : RGB_CAMERA ==> LEFT_DISPLAY"

I use NRSDK 1.9.5.
When I execute NRDemo “RGBCamera-Record” at Nreal Air and start recording by BlendMode.VirtualOnly, the warning “[NRCameraInitializer] Auto adaption for DevieType : RGB_CAMERA ==> LEFT_DISPLAY” is logged.

The cause of it is NRCameraInitializer.cs.

  public class NRCameraInitializer : MonoBehaviour
      /// <summary> Type of the device. </summary>
      [SerializeField] NativeDevice m_DeviceType = NativeDevice.RGB_CAMERA;

Now I use the workaround that I comment out the warning.
But I think originally NRSDK should call “NRCameraInitializer.SwitchToEyeParam(NativeDevice.LEFT_DISPLAY)” in NRSystem initialize when Nreal Air using.

Please let me know if there is another way.

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Hi developer, Nreal Air has no camera, so basically, you can’t use it to test the demo scene “RGBCamera-Record” and other situations where you need a camera.

Yes. Nreal Air has no camera.
So I record by BlendMode.VirtualOnly not by BlendMode.Blend.
We can record by BlendMode.VirtualOnly at Nreal Air.

I point out that m_DeviceType should be NativeDevice.LEFT_DISPLAY at Nreal Air.

I see, sorry for the misunderstanding. But it will change to LEFT_DISPLAY automatically when using Nreal Air.

Yes. But the warning is logged out.
I want to delete it by correct way.(except comment out)

I consider that NRSDK should call “SwitchToEyeParam(NativeDevice.LEFT_DISPLAY)”.