Access accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer data from Nreal light

Using sdk 1.10.1 and Nreal light firmware, I’m trying to access accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensors data from a pair of Nreal light but I was surprised when I found out that those values come from the phone itself rather than from the glasses. The specs clearly states that the glasses have those sensors.

 _= NRInput.GetAccel(); // returns values from phone sensor
 _= NRInput.GetMag(); // returns values from phone sensor
 _= NRInput.GetGyro(); // returns values from phone sensor

So how can I access to those data ? If they’re not accessible from the sdk right now then when can we ?

Hi, the raw data of the glass cannot be accessed in the current SDK. Sorry about it.

Is it planed to provide the raw data in the upcoming releases? Would be very beneficial!

I agree. It would be very helpful to have access to this information for localization projects.
Can it be added to future SDK?

Hi, I’m not sure if it will be added to SDK. But we are discussing it.