Access cam image in Xreal Air Ultra

I have the plan to support Xreal Air Ultra in the existing app. Developper can access the cam image via NRCameraYUV api?

Sorry, you can’t. The camera on the Ultra is a grayscale camera used for various AR features and algorithms. As a result, it is not currently open to developers.

Thank you for your reply. I wanted to use the grayscale camara for QR code detetion. It means that it is not possible?

Yes, unfortunately, you can’t do that. Besides the permission issue, the camera on the Ultra is not only a grayscale camera but also a fisheye camera, which causes distortion. This would likely result in poor performance for QR code scanning.

Since the glasses are connected to your phone, why not use the phone’s camera to scan QR codes instead? It would be much more effective.