Accessing Android Camera on Nreal Light


I am trying to use my phone’s in-built camera on the Nreal glasses, however when I try to run the camera, I get an error stating, “security policy prevents use of camera”. I am using Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and I seem to have no issues running the camera itself on my phone; however the camera stops working when I connect it to the Nreal Glasses and the display goes blank.

Is there any way to fix this issue? Awaiting your quick response.


Hi, the default cam of your phone cannot be used in our SDK, there is a limit on Android system.

Thanks for the response.
So, does Nreal support Arcore/ARfoundation yet? Is there a way to use them with the Nreal glasses?

ARCore and ARFoundation are not supported yet, but OpenXR will be supported. The integration is in the final stage.