Accessing Glass's Gyro Data in Unity for iOS

I am developing iOS app with Xreal Air and iPhone 15 using Unity.
Multidisplay function works on these.
The side-by-side display is also processed on the Xreal side for stereoscopic viewing.

One problem is that the image is at 0 DoF.

Is it possible to get the gyro information (tilt and attitude) of the Xreal Air?

Hi, kamahiekama. The raw data of the XREAL glasses cannot be accessed. Sorry about it.

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“Hi, kamahiekama. The raw data of the XREAL glasses cannot be accessed. Sorry about it.”

um… why?

The raw data can be only accessed by our Enterprise SDK.

Would you please provide related information to your Enterprise SDK? This would include Pricing, Requirements and or a contact for representative for consultation and further inquiry. Very little information is being provided on this subject and via quick observation only and brief mention has been found about the “Enterprise SDK” in any of the publicly provided documentations.

Hi, bdm. The specific terms and policies for the Enterprise version are still being finalized and are currently in progress. At this time, the Enterprise version is only available for business cooperation.

Ok thank you. We will be exempting Xreal products and assigning them in to our incompatibility list for the time being unless something changes before mid July with how Xreal chooses to handle the IMU information. Due to the requirement of relying on proprietary agreements we were advised in not perusing this matter any further due to common potential financial leveraging that could adversely effect pricing our product sales.