Activation Failed, Verizon glasses

I got my US version of the retail NReal glasses! After a few attempts, I got it to log into my account and create a profile. I approved all the permissions. But now Nebula won’t activate the glasses.

Reboot the phone (just to be sure we are starting clean)
Plug in the glasses. Nebula launches automatically
Your device is being activated
“Activation failed, please try the following (I tried it, didn’t help)”

This is on a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G FE running on Verizon

Got it to work, by disabling my Wifi to force it to use the cell connection (or maybe I just got lucky that time)

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Hi josh are you able to use 2D apps or windows within nebula?

Nope, not working, though I’m using a phone on Verizon, purchased from Verizon, with Verizon’s bloatware, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G FE. Nebula however I had to download from the Google Play Store, so maybe there’s a special version I need?