Advance Marker Tracking


I have 2 questions below related with each other.

Unreal has a build-in marker tracker, but it is very slow and very inaccurate, I need a more advance and fast tracker, but as far as I know there is no library integrated to N-real light that can do marker tracking such as image markers, april tags or object markers. Is there any compatible library such as Vuforia that can work with NReal?

My related second question, Since I could not find such a library, I started developing myself, but I encountred RGB camera problems. Although I could find april tags and head pose from RGB camera accurately, I cannot update camera position accurately since there is a significant delay in camera image. I am reading image from RawImage that NRRGBCamTexture assigned. But when I visualize the RGB camera on the glasses, I see several hundred milisecond delay on image, which totally damages my marker tracking result, and makes it totally unusable. How can I access non-delayed instant RGB camera image?

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Hi Cagatay,
we do try to implement compatibility with Vuforia, but this is still in the test stage, please wait for some time.
Regarding the delay of the RGB camera, which is not very easy to solve, we are still working on it.