After using the Glass for 5H outside on my M1 macbook, I would like to see those functions

First I can say that the Power button on the glass is very good to use when we need it.

Second , the Brighness is good , but I would like to have a lot more level to go lower , like if we can go at least 80% less brighness from the lower level , that could be very good. As when its darker outside , I need to have less and less brightness from the glass to be able to have a good vision outside the glass. ( is this can be adjust with an update ? )

Third , If we can have a CLEAR lense , and add on that you can clip that have Shade/opactness as needed , that for my use , is a must too.

Forth , if we can move the screen further away in mirror mode that could be nice too, like having an app that is no nebula that will remember when you connect the glass that you want the monitor to be of that size and at the depth in your field of vision ( could this be done with an update ? )

Hope to see those change in the future.

and thanks in advance.

Hi, thank you for your suggestions. For the opactness, we will have a solution on our new Gen glass. And for the other two suggestions, we will also evaluate and take them into consideration.

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Another thing to keep in mind for your next gen model.

The eye strain/problem is very important to get as low as possible.

At the moment , when I use the glass for a long period of time , and then remove them,
I have weird visual effect that happen, so if you can find/focus on getting tech that give less of that ,
that is a great plus.

AR almost all the part of my life , is what i am looking for with a product like yours , and I can say , the NREAL AIR is a great start for it , now that I can have it plug in my M1 mac.

Yes, we will also do some improvements for eye comfort on our next-gen product.