Air 2 Pro glasses for operating a drone and streaming video wirelessly from phone?

Welcome. Please confirm, I want to buy these AR glasses to support drone operation. The phone is connected via USB with the drone controller so I want to transfer video from the phone to the glasses wirelessly. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and has a smart view function. I only need these glasses for this one application. Does this have a chance to work together with the XREAL Beam device?

Hi rogero. The glass cannot connect to the phone wirelessly unless Beam is used. In theory, you can mirror the phone screen to the Beam and then display it on the glass. However, we have not tested this and cannot guarantee that it will work without any problems.

That’s what I meant, the Beam device will allow you to send the screen from the phone to the glasses. It would be good that you test such things…
Watching movies or playing is one thing. However, the ability to use your solution in drones is a large target. Other solutions such as Epson Moverio BT40s glasses are three times more expensive. For me and many others too expensive. The price of your AR glasses if they worked to operate the drone, it seems very low. Think about it. I know many drone operators who would pay these $ 500 for such a possibility without thinking. For us, flying with telephones or tablets during the day in full sun is a big problem.