Air Stopped working

I’ve been using my air w/ my s22 ultra (US model) just fine for a few months, via Dex. This last week I decided to try nebula on a mac, it was very cool, so I installed it on my s22 ultra… this changed everything. I was never able to get it to work, but now Dex doesn’t work either, the glasses don’t show anything anymore - no matter what it’s plugged into. But, I do see the device connected via the phone’s settings or when I plug it into my windows machine. I’m not able to update the firmware via the site either, chrome sees the device and connects but when I try to lash I get “There was a problem during the update. Please refresh the page and start over from Step 2.”

Can you recommend other things to test? I no longer have access to my friend’s mac, but can try anything on windows or my s22 ultra to try and fix this.

Hi, please confirm if you can use mirror-casting mode on your phone or Windows PC. If yes, then go to Nebula on your phone and force update the firmware in ‘Help&Support’.

I can’t get the glasses to show anything anymore no matter what I plug it into. The device is recognized in windows and my phone, but nebula on my phone says ‘Sorry, The current device is still being adapted and temporarily unavailable’

OK, then there should be something wrong with the DP chipset, could you please try to contact for repair?