Allow Clash or Surfboard or any other Vpn on beam to work in background simultaneously

In many Countries like China, there is a firewall and consumers need to use vpn or SSR clients to access Apps like YouTube but problem is beam kills any background apps in latest updates so i can’t use YouTube or open any foreign website, please fix it . I know that 2D apps folder was introduced to prevent overheating but still we need atleast one vpn running in background and youtube or a browser on top to watch any content.

Hi, it doesn’t allow more than one app to run in the background in the launcher of Beam. Have you ever tried to open apps outside the Beam launcher?

Any apps in the 2D apps folder including the launchers eg Alauncher will not allow to open a second app and i also think beam’s launcher should be capable of doing that instead. please try to resolve this issue and also allow OTG function to use external drives so that we can play movies because beams storage is very small