Alternative Tracking Methods in Suboptimal Tracking Locations?

While AR devices, including the Nreal, are great for AR Experiences, one of the things I am yet to see is a suitable way of enhancing events.
The main issue with such events would often entail the suboptimal tracking opportunities, due to low-light locations, and often flat surfaces (big white / black spaces)
I used the default tracking methods for ARCore/Hololens/Nreal, and enhanced it using the Immersal SDK. However, in these low-light situations those wont make a big difference.

Did anyone already try to, or have some ideas for alternative tracking methods that would work in these suboptimal situations?
I considered using SteamVR trackers, or perhaps putting an IR light on the device itself, using external cameras for determining the position of the user, in which case you would put the Nreal in 3DOF mode. However am curious whether anyone else already tackled a similar issue.

Looking forward to discuss this topic further.