Android 14 Support?

Hi, having trouble running any Nreal apps on Android 14.

Error indicates that it’s something to do with new security measure introduced on Android 14:

E AndroidRuntime: Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: com.DefaultCompany.Nreal: One of RECEIVER_EXPORTED or RECEIVER_NOT_EXPORTED should be specified when a receiver isn't being registered exclusively for system broadcasts


Fixed it ourselves: set Target API Level to 33 from the player settings.

If this property is set to Automatic (as instructed in the get-started manual), it may be automatically set to 34 which corresponds to Android 14. This will cause an immediate crash on app start because according to the release note of Android 14,

Apps and services that target Android 14 and use context-registered receivers are required to specify a flag to indicate whether or not the receiver should be exported to all other apps on the device: either RECEIVER_EXPORTED or RECEIVER_NOT_EXPORTED, respectively.

The developer documentation needs an update on this.

Thanks for your feedback. We will add a note to the document.