Android productivity feature request: Mouse/keyboard support

First, thanks for the great product and all the visible work I see on your Nebula product development.

My scenario - I purchased my XReal Air in hopes of being a productivity tool for work… Virtual multi-monitor support for my work activities while sitting in a coffee shop sounds pretty attractive. My team is all interested in seeing this work and being able to work effectively from their phones and this would be a big step. But the missing piece: keyboard and mouse support in Nebula Android.

As is, to do anything other than reviewing web screens requires intense mobile phone interactions which makes Nebula less productive than using the phone alone. I know the underlying OS supports keyboard and mouse quite well, but Nebula forces me to pick up the phone. I have Nebula Mac as well but am having different issues there… but regardless, actual work productivity from a phone with a private virtual display would be amazing.

If the appropriate codebase is available on GitHub, I’m willing to investigate and see if I can implement a fix/PR. (I assume the code is private, but thought I’d ask.) Thank you!

Hi, thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We are constantly focused on enhancing the interaction experience for Android Nebula. Currently, the challenge with mouse and keyboard support is integrating the raycast with the mouse in AR Space. We are committed to exploring new methods to incorporate mouse and keyboard support.