Android SDK API 30 apps does not work with Nebula app (which is currently targeting API 29)


currently GooglePlay is accepting apps for there public store compiled against SDK API 30. Currently available Nebula via google play store is compatible with SDK API 29, which means that you can not run your application using Nebula and this become a big blocker.

That means, if you want to upload publicly available application via Google Play Store you need yo compile your app with SDK API 30, which will broke any compatibility with Nebula app and you can not use MR Space experience anymore.

Are there any plans to update Nebula app, so it will be compatible with SDK API 30 applications?
With current Nebula app it’s a blocking issue and any updates/new apps submission to the app store will break them to work with NReal glasses.

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This is a critical issue and blocks us from releasing new versions on Google Play Store. Tried with Nebula version which I believe is the latest available version and the application keeps crashing. API level 30 (Android 11) is a requirement from Google and we cannot bypass that. Any help is much appreciated!

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We was not able to fix this issue yet. Is there any plan for Nebula app compatible with Android SDK 30?