Android SDK API level update problems Early adapter glasses as good as useless

Seems to be a problem for early adapters not being able to upgrade dev kit beyond api level 27.

Google Play demands a minimum API level of 30 on your apps so I am no longer able to properly test apps before having them being available on playstore. Kind of stops devs from producing apps that might be a huge factor in nreal market penetration. What can be done about this? Me thinks it would be a wise move from Nreal to offer early adapters with problems to buy new glasses at cost price. Both parts would benefit.


nreal don’t care. That’s what I understand now. They just promote, market and don’t care about development.


Let’s blow this post up. You deserve an answer from Nreal! Just as postaldude said, they don’t care. That’s not okay. I would recommend you to post the same question in their slack channel. A lot more people are active there and you might find some answers. Good luck!

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I can’t agree more with this sentiment. I came to understand that there goal is to make money off Telco deals, no other way to explain there marketing/sales strategy. Also the way that they handle 2D Android apps in non telco phones, support ect…

This is caused by commercial reasons that Nreal’s license purchase with Qualcomm ended before Android 9. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

It makes sense from a business perspective, but it is shitty that the services that make the glasses a viable product are not available outside of Telco deals.

I love the device for development and incidental use, but I hate that I am locked out of all viable use-cases just because I got the Dev-Kit, instead of going to another country to get the Vodafone version.

If only they would open up support for these services, that would be a major improvement.

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