Android Smartphone Compatibility

Nreal Glasses are primarily made for Android-powered smartphones. The glasses need to be used with a smartphone in order to make them lighter while maintaining the AR capabilities.

AR Space

Installing the Nebula app on a compatible smartphone will allow you to access the AR Space.

In AR Space, you can fix up to five mobile screens in the air and have access to futuristic AR apps. Be aware that apps must be developed using Nreal’s NRSDK in order to be used in the AR space. Please install the apps that were suggested in the Lab.

Air Casting, also referred to as screen mirroring, is another option available in Nebula.

Screen Mirroring

After plugging in the Nreal glasses, you can use your smartphone to mirror your screen if it supports DP Alt Mode but isn’t compatible.

Some smartphones that support desktop mode can be used with the glasses to simulate a PC, such as the Samsung DeX and LG Screen+.

Part of Compatible Android smartphones


Phone Type Model Number
LG G8X ThinQ 901LG / LM-G850UM
LG style 3 L-41A
LG V50 ThinQ 5G LM-V450
LG V50 LM-V500N
LG V50S LM-V510N
LG V60 ThinQ A001LG /L-51A /LM-V600AM/LM-V600TM/LM-V600VMW
LG Wing LM-F100N


Phone Type Model Number
Sony Xperia 1 802SO / SO-03L
Sony Xperia 1 II SO-51A / SOG01
Sony Xperia 1 III A101SO / SO-51B / SOG03
Sony Xperia 1 IV A201SO / SO-51C / SOG06
Sony Xperia 5 901SO / SO-01M
Sony Xperia 5 II A002SO / SO-52A / SOG02
Sony Xperia 5 III A103SO / SO-53B / SOG05

One Plus

Phone Type Model Number
OnePlus 8 5G IN2013 / IN2017
OnePlus 8 5G UW IN2019
OnePlus 8 Pro 5G IN2023 / KB2007
OnePlus 9 LE2115
OnePlus 9 5G LE2113
OnePlus 9 Pro LE2125
OnePlus 9 Pro 5G LE2123
OnePlus 10 Pro 5G NE2210 / NE2215

:pushpin: "OnePlus 9/9 Pro and 9 RT cannot use the AR Space with a Nreal Air if their operating system is more recent than ColorOS12.1 (model number_11_C.65). We advise against upgrading. Downgrading the OS is an option. Nreal Light will be alright."

Full compatibility list

Other smartphones may be compatible if they satisfy the requirements listed below. We couldn’t promise you a positive AR experience with a device not listed, though, because we didn’t test these things thoroughly enough.

  • Android OS
  • Later-generation Snapdragon chipsets than the 845
  • DP Alt Mode supported

:warning: :warning: :warning: The Nreal glasses cannot be used with any smartphone that does not support DP output through its USB Type-C port, such as XIAOMI phones and Google Pixels.

Hi, I’ve tried the Air unit on Xiaomi Blackshark 4. Below are updated as of 31st Mar 2023.

Model: Shark PRS-H0
JOYUI 12.8.22

Its working with Nebula and AR space, and screen casting.

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I’m getting a message “Sorry, The current device is still being adapted ad temporarily unavailable.” on my LG V50S although it is there on the compatible phones list.

Please check if the model number is the same as the one listed above. Also, try to plug and unplug several times to see if the error tip always occurs.

Cable - Use original. I tried a 3rd party and got the “Sorry” msg.

Using the HDMI adaptor, I can always screen share but cannot go into AR space.

Note on AR space for Black Shark 4 - cannot use the games like Maze. I think cos the OS is only Android 11. Can’t load Xrai either (req Android 12).

Thank you for the replies! It’s finally working now with Nebula after a couple of phone restarts and app reinstalls. Both AR Space and Air Casting work. (LG V50S Android 12)

I want to buy one from the US amazon site but it seems that it does not deliver to my country(Netherlands ). But it is possible to buy from japan for me but the nreal air is not compatible with my phone if I purchase one what would be the risk?

Also a week ago did deliver the the Netherlands but now not any more how come?

Hi, the Air glass from Amazon JP is totally the same as Amazon US. And if your phone model is in the whole compatibility list, then it should be OK.

thank you my phone is in the list but the serieal number is one letter of will it still work? on the site it is SM-F916U i have SM-F916B

Hi, for the Z fold series, all models come with the same hardware, but we cannot make sure if the system is the same. So we cannot guarantee the compatibility on your model.

The “full compatibility list” link points to the Xreal home page and is thus useless: please fix!

I recommend using the GSMARENA to identify the capabilities of the USB-C port before making any purchasing decisions and to shorten the trouble-shooting. If the port is USB 2, it won’t work for sure.

“casting” in Android is associated with “broadcasting”, that is transmission via radio networks over te air as with MiraCast etc. That’s not what AirCasting does, no over-the-air nor broadcasting involved: for all I know AirCast simply stops Nebula and has the glasses revert to passive mode for use over cable.

Please stop misleading terms for the sake of marketing!

And there it depends on the running application if it actually mirrors the phone and Air display or treats them separately. In the case of 3D movies, that latter is much more useful, because I know of no media player that will support distinct aspect and display modes for the phone and Air display, making SBS 3D movies impossible.

AR Space and the restriction to NRSDK apps: I’ll post on that topic separately.

Advising against phone OS upgrades is bad advice: security tops everything and asking customers to compromise on security is both irresponsible and inacceptable: cease and desist, Xreal!

And generally, but also for smartphones that have run out of vendor support, a collaboration with LineageOS will helpful for both parties and customers.

My phones:

  • OnePlus 11 CPH2449: no go, because it’s USB2, only (shame on you OnePlus!)
  • OnePlus 8 IN2013: mine doesn’t work with Nebula. DP on monitor and Air in passive mode work just fine, but Nebula fails
  • OnePlus 7 Pro GM1911: won’t let you install or update Nebula 3.7.0 from the Play Store, but the side-loaded app works just fine

AR Space and NRSDK

To my mind you are partially replicating Google’s DayDream VR, which unfortunately was abandoned by Alphabet.

But Google’s variant was inclusive: 2D applications would run inside Google VR headsets like my Lenovo Mirage Solo, as would full 3D apps.

And that is quite simply what everyone would expect, especially because that’s the default for Nebula on Windows (and I guess MacOS).

As things stand, Nebula for Android is AR Space, which is a new walled garden of NRSDK apps, that nobody wants or will fill with applications.

Most imporantly it does not provide the use that Android users expect, who rightly demand that their normal applications work on the virtual screens presented by Nebula for Android.

As things are Nebula for Android in the form of AR space is a permanent defect of the product which according to EU consumer law justifiys returning the product as long as it is not fixed.