Any help regarding NReal Air and GALAXY flip 3

Hi guys, I am asking for your experience and help as I use the NReal Air glasses with my GALAXY Z Flip 3. My smartphone is famous to loose battery very very fast, like in 3/4 hours of intense use. So I let you imagine when I use the glasses with the USB, I can only experience VR for a couple of hours…
My question is are usb type c hubs sold on Amazon, like regular ones, working to charge my smartphone while using it with the Nreal glasses? I need a cheap hub, like 20/30 dollars. Do you think that these will work?
I also have wireless charging on my Z Flip but limited to 14w which will only compensate the use of the energy…


Hi, the Z flip series don’t come with DP output through the USB-C interface. It should not be compatible with Nreal Air glass.

So you are saying that usb c hubs are not compatible with the glasses or at least smartphone charging?

If the USB-C hub can transfer the USB video signal to DP signal, it can be used theoretically, but we don’t test this kind of hub. If not, the hub can only be used to charge your phone.