App will freeze when using RGBCamera Capture/VideoRecord function

I try to use RGBCamera Capture/VideoRecord function, but the app will freeze with follwing logs:
07-05 14:38:23.725 4815 5094 I NREAL : [2022-07-05 14:38:23.725] [4853] [INFO] [NRSensor] RGB Camera got invalid handle, work type = 0
07-05 14:38:23.727 1126 5173 I QC2C2DEngine: calcYSize: unsupported or RGB color format, RGBA8888_UBWC(-1040187392)
07-05 14:38:23.733 4815 5094 I NREAL : [2022-07-05 14:38:23.733] [4853] [INFO] [NRSensor] RGB Camera protocol load SUCCESS
07-05 14:38:23.734 4815 5094 F NREAL : [2022-07-05 14:38:23.734] [4853] [FATAL] [NRSensor] Generic Camera find device : No such device (-4)
07-05 14:38:23.734 4815 5094 E NREAL : [2022-07-05 14:38:23.734] [4853] [ERROR] [NRSensor] Generic Camera init failed
07-05 14:38:23.734 4815 5094 I NREAL : [2022-07-05 14:38:23.734] [4853] [INFO] [NRSensor] RGB Camera init failed, retrying…

From the community, I also find the same issue, and the solution is turning off the power saving mode with glasses plugined.
But I cannot find the power saving mode in Nebula app settings.

Nebula app version : v2.3.1(1389)
Phone: OnePlus 9.

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks

Tap the avatar icon in the upper left.
Tap “About” and tap the nebula icon 10 times to enter developer mode.
Tap “Settings”, then tap Developer Options at the bottom.


Thanks for your reply. I found the Power Saving mode following your guidance.
But my Power Saving mode is off,And I tried to turn it on then turn it off, then make a test.
The app still freezes with the same log when capturing screen.

Hi, developer, do you have a full log that records from plugging glass to issue happens? If yes, please send the log to me. Also, I noticed that the log you pasted showed ‘unsupported or RGB color format’, I wondered if you have done some related settings? You can also just try our sample scene of RGB-Record to check if there is any error.