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We are developing products using NReal, and we need to stop access to NReal menu from glasses and make our application auto start when glasses cable is attached to the computing unit. This is a must since we are developing arcade machine like games and it shall be easly to use glasses even without any hand controller click. User will put on the glasses and watch. To make our product professional and usable we need this. We can already access settings of NReal via tools such as scrcpy, so if any problem occurs we can change settings to make it work normally.

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No one answered my first question but I would like to add one more question. NReal has a proximity sensor attached, but we cannot use it actively since it has problems. When the glasses switches to standby mode automatically, it does not come back when we put on the glasses. Also when it comes back after pushing the standby button, all the tracking gone, and we have to restart the application. Is there a mode that do not make the glasses totally switch to stand by, but instead just lower down the performance and close the display only, and when someone put on the glasses, it comes back to alive rapidly.

Could you please try to change the Sleep Time in the settings?

I also would like to be able to autoload a program and bypass the nReal Launcher Menu. How can we autoload an application so that it starts whenever the glasses are activated?

Hi, thanks for your suggestion, we can consider to add this kind of function.

Is this functionality available?

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@cagatayu @shivlal12345
I have a way to make this work and it’s very simple. Enter theXreal Community server on Discord and send me a PM(EmyX)

hi mitvideo,

did you find the way to get the desired result?