AR crashing/not working on multiple supported phones with Android 12

I have installed Nebula 3.1.1 on Galaxy S21 and Oneplus 8, both running Android 12.

On S21, app comes up fine and connects to the glasses, and I can see full screen and do a lot of things through Samsung Dex. But as soon as I click on AR button, everything crashes and on the phone screen it says “Disconnected from the external display”, and glasses turn off completely, even the Samsung Dex is gone. You have to disconnect the glasses and connect again to even get the Dex back on. Similar experience with another Galaxy S10 running Android 12.

So I tried even on Oneplus 8, and even though it is listed as one of the supported devices, as soon as I connect the glasses, Nebula tries to come up, but then it says that it is not one of the supported devices.

Very frustrating. The glasses even work on my Note 8, with just the Samsing Dex perfectly even though it is running Android 9. And even the Nebula app installed and come up fine, rcognizes the glasses, but as soon as you hit AR button, it says is is not compatible.

So, even with four phones, can’t seem to get AR working. Just on the Samsung phones, Dex is working fine and I love the display quality. But that is just half the fun without AR working.

Please help, or the glasses are going back.


Hi, about the first issue on the Samsung phone, I think the Dex setting should cause it. Please notice to disable Dex mode before you enter AR mode. You can go to settings of your phone ‘Connection–More connections–HDMI’.
For the second issue, please ensure the cable is connected correctly, the incompatible tip often happens when the glass doesn’t detect DP signal.

Seeing similar issue on SM-G991U1. Plugging in Air with Dex off and HDMI mode = screen mirroring, toast says “Connected to external display” and prompted to “open nebula to handle Nreal Air”. Glasses tab says " Plug in your glasses to enter Nebula." Glasses are just showing mirrored screen.

Disabling Dex did fix the problem on the Samsung Galaxy S21. And dare I say, it looks fantastic!

I am using the same cable with the same glasses on Oneplus 8, but no success so far.

When you connect the glass with Oneplus 8, do you get a mirror screen in the glass?

No, it does not show the screen. In fact, the display does not come up at all. On the phone, it just shows like a headphone has been connected.

But the Nebula app does kick in when I connect the glasses.

The issue for me was that microphone access at the phone level was off.

Then please check if the DP output is still working. It seems the DP signal cannot be detected by the glass. You can use a physical monitor connecting with your Oneplus and check if it works.