AR space change language setting

Hi, just bought nreal air during my trip in Japan.

Everything works fine except when I use the AR space, most of the menu displayed is in japanese. I tried to log in to YouTube using my account and it failed.

How do I change language for AR space and how do I login to my YouTube account?

Thank you

Hi, the language in AR Space follows the system and IP of your phone. Could you please tell me if your system is in Japanese?

Adding to this.

I am based in Japan using a Japanese bought S22 (set to English language). But I don’t speak or read Japanese.

I too would like the option to choose my language so I can set it to English please.

Please check if the language setting is changed to English.

Late reply. But I finally got round to checking the language. It’s set to English. I switched to US on VPN and the AR space changed. So it seems to favor the IP location over the setting.

Can this be reoslved?