AR Space on Canadian S21 Ultra/Note 20 Ultra

Has anyone used AR space on Canadian Samsung S21 ultra (G998W) or Note 20 ultra (N986W) and let me know if AR space is compatible with these phones?

Canadian Samsung are the same Snapdragon models as US but the model number differs with last letter W instead of U for US models. The nreal compatibility list only mentions US models, hence checking if the Canadian S21 ultra or note 20 ultra are compatible with AR space as well.

I have asked a similar question, but about the Japanese Glasses and German Smartphone. My question was more or less also directed at the Nreal compatibility List and the difference with the models, if the Phones are the same and just the Model ending was different, this is the response that I got from a Nreal Dev


“The S21 Germany version is compatible theoratically. That is the reason that the assistant told you they could work well. Just like what I mentioned above, we cannot make sure the S21 of the Japanese version and Germany version are totally identical in terms of hardware and software, and we only fully tested Japanese version, UK version and Chinese version for Air, so we cannot guarantee that S21 from Germany can work with Air perfectly.”


So be careful as the Nreal Team doesn’t want to make themselves responsible, should you buy the glasses.

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