At least 6df with mirroring mode

at least Nreal have to 6df with mirroring mode.

**not all the people doesn’t wnat to watch dramas or cinemas sitting down or lay down. **

without 6df, the sights are always moving. so people have to sit down or lay down and only can watch movies or somthing.
** can not use or do other things , because the sights are always trumbling or moving.**

nreal is miss understanding the situation.

Viewing angle 47degrees is really nalow.
and really few app.can move with Nebula.
compealing with occulus or other VHeadSets.
**6df with mirroring is mustfunction if you want to sell nreal.
I already sell my nreal air. it was really disapointed me.

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I’m sorry for the experience that Air brought to you. If you need 6Dof function, then Light may be a better choice for you. Thanks for your suggestion, we will improve our products and bring better products to you.