Audio Issues Nreal Light - Model NR-9101GGL

Device: Nreal Light
Model: NR-9101GGL
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
Phone OS: Android 12

I’m experiencing audio issues whenever the device is playing audio regardless of the device it’s connected to or the application it’s running. The audio sounds choppy and is inconsistent. It makes developing and using the Nreal Light unbearable whenever audio is played.

Audio Example:
Soundcloud link with an recording of the choppy audio

Nreal Box

Hi, really sorry for the uncomfortable experience that our product brought to you. I have passed this info to our after-sales team. Please contact our and they can help you with this issue. By the way, please also attach this picture to your mail, then we can locate you. Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the experience again.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I just emailed the alias with the information I posted above.