BEAM Developer Mode

We have known about the XREAL Beam developer mode for a while and can read the menu items by using google translate via Android camera. Please go in detail about ADB, 60/72Hz resolution options, and FPS, settings. And anything else we need to know about this menu. Thanks!

Hi, the ADB cannot be accessible currently. We will promote another method for developers to install third-party apps.

Thanks we will wait for those methods then. Aside from ADB, can you please explain each of these items in detail so I don’t have to speculate?

Bilinear, SwitchFilterMode, FPS-1, FPS-30, FPS-H, FPS-Aut, Brightness, duty cycle adjustment, Target FPS, adjust refresh rate, binocular switching, dbgrender, dbgblit, debug screen size, roll reset to zero, log:lnfo, dpexternalsurface, closure.

Bilinear: Bilinear Interpolation? is a more sophisticated algorithm that aims to improve the visual quality of the rotated image. It calculates the intensity values of the pixels in the output image by considering the weighted average of the four nearest pixels in the input image. Bilinear interpolation produces smoother results compared to nearest neighbor interpolation. So what’s this mean? I can switch to nearest neighbor?

SwitchFilterMode: Switching filters? What filters? Or do you mean Nintendo Switch Filters?

FPS-1, FPS-30, FPS-H, FPS-Aut: Does this actually have to do with Frames Per Second? Can you explain each setting?

Duty Cycle: My guess - A head-mounted display (HMD) device is provided with reduced motion blur by reducing row duty cycle for an organic light-emitting diode (LED) panel as a function of a detected movement of a user’s head. Further, a panel duty cycle of the panel is increased in concert with the decrease in the row duty cycle to maintain a constant brightness. The technique is applicable, e.g., to scenarios in which an augmented reality image is displayed in a specific location in world coordinates. A sensor such as an accelerometer or gyroscope can be used to obtain an angular velocity of a user’s head. The angular velocity indicates a number of pixels subtended in a frame period according to an angular resolution of the LED panel. The duty cycles can be set, e.g., once per frame, based on the angular velocity or the number of pixels subtended in a frame period. Explain in layman’s terms to me please :slight_smile: How and why would I change this?

Adjust refresh rate: Can we actually switch between 60 and 72Hz here? In what circumstances would you need to do this?

Binocular switching: Is this a software version of 3D mode switching that we can already do on the glasses? Can you explain?

dbgblit: My guess - It’s a data operation commonly used in computer graphics in which several bitmaps are combined into one using a boolean function. Please explain

dbgrender: Guessing related to computer graphics also, please explain.

Debug screen size: Size of this developer mode window?

Roll Reset: 3DoF head tilt. If it’s off, I can use this to reset it?

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