Beam max input resolution?

Hi @nreal-dev

Would you be able to clarify what is the max resolution supported by the Beam?
Will ultrawide resolutions like 3840x1080 be supported?
Will Windows and MacOS see the Beam as a single display or will it be possible to configure Beam to show up as multiple displays?

How is the HDMI to C cable coming along?


Hi, the XREAL Beam will pull 1920x1080 video source from the host like PC/Mac by default. And 3840x1080 source is not supported yet. And the Beam cannot be configured to show multiple screens at the current phase.

Thanks @XREAL-dev

Will 3840x1080 or 21:9 type resolutions similar to 2560x1080 be coming in the future?
Is there a plan to add 4k i.e. 3840x2160 ?

I feel next gen with 85deg FOV will require 4k beam output to make sense as a productivity purchase. I would like to be able to separate 4k into x4 1080p sections.