Best way to visualise 2D elements as overlay?

I would like to have 2D Overlays in my unity application. The current way I achieve that is to put objects on a canvas in world space and add the “Camera Smooth Follow” to it with a follow speed of 100. This kind of works fine, but especially with quick head movements there is a lot of jitter.
Is there a way to have a canvas directly as 2d object, and not as a world object? I tried “Screenspace - Camera” and “Screenspace - Overlay” but in both cases the canvas didn’t show up on the glasses.
Am I doing something wrong here?
Or is only “World Space” supported by Nreal glasses?

I too am facing with same problem. Did you find a solution on how to use a canvas as a camera overlay? My workaround is to have the object children of the CenterAnchor GameObject (within the NRCameraRig) .