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Hello Folks,

I am using NReal development kit for my AR application development. Recently, I have been noticing that the headset (glasses) display turns completely black. This blackout happens randomly while running my AR application and no way to recover back except replugging the headset back to the square computational box. When a blackout happens, it seems the application is working and just the display is having issues. I was wondering if anyone has encountered this issue and has a possible solution for it.

– Tejas

Hi, I wondered if you have encountered the same issue while using other default apps?

Thank you for your response.

Mostly, I do not use the default apps and therefore, I have never seen any issues. As I mentioned earlier that my application seems to be running when the blackout happens, however, I do not see anything on the screen but as soon as I replug the headset, it all works fine again.

OK, it seems the glass doesn’t get the proper resolution once the app starts. In order to locate the issue quickly, please capture a full log(start from inserting your glass–>open the app–>issue happens–>reinsert glass–>issue gone) by logcat tool, and send the log file to me.

Since it happens randomly, I will get back to you when it occurs again.

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I have the log files but I cannot attach them here. Would you provide me with your email address so that I can send it over to you?

Please send it to

Thank you for your response. Just sent you an email with logs.

Hi Tejas, probably you should upgrade your firmware, the log shows that the firmware of your glasses is the version released last year. You can upgrade Nebula to the latest version, and the glasses’ firmware will be updated automatically.

Hi Doris,

As per your suggestion, I have upgraded the firmware for my devices but the black display issue still persists. Would you have any other idea what could be the root cause?

I am having the same issue as well. I noticed the last communication was 12/22. I was wondering if a solution was found yet?

If so, if you could forward it to me that would be fantastic


Thanks in advance

Dropped you an email, please check it.