Black screen MR Space Nebula

I use a Samsung S20FE and develop an application on unity in 3D.
When I launch Nebula so I can access the app, and click on MR Space sometimes I can go ahead and launch my app, sometimes I get a black screen.
Do you know how I could solve this black screen problem please? It’s complicated to be able to access your application randomly.

Hi developer. The black screen will occur when Nebula is not running in the background, or you exit MR app back to home screen directly. So please check if you have above same operations.

The problem is when I click Nebula and MR sometimes without even launching the app once and Nebula is fine in the background.

Thanks for this info. Could you please tell me your region and model number of your S20FE?

I’m in France, and the model name is Galaxy S20 FE.

Sorry I mean the model number, like SM-G781B. Your phone model number is SM-G781B?

Sorry, no it’s SM-G780G/DS

What is your email address, please? I will involve our after-sales team to help you further.

Thanks. It’s