Blurry Text, Lens out of focus

So far, picture quality has been great for Games and Movies.

TEXT or words on screen, not impressive at all.

I’m experiencing a very blurry image through the left Lens, resulting in text looking out of focus. I understand it could be one of my eyes. However, I have always believed I have 20/20 vision.

Is it possible to adjust one of the Lens focus…? As I believe it might be out of focus (in manufacturing)

I would like to know if anyone else has experienced a problems with one of the Lenses been out of focus, is there a fix…?

I have tried all the adjustments of the arms and nose piece.

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Hi @NeXtAntiX

In my experience Windows UI fonts are 9pt or 10pt at 1080p.
Would you be able to confirm which font sizes become blurry or which is the smallest font size that still looks sharp?

Please be sure to disable any zooming or display scaling in system settings.
A through-the-lens picture that demonstrates the threshold beyond which fonts become blurry would be amazing i.e. a pic comparing 8pt, 9pt, 10pt and 11pt fonts next to each other on separate lines taken with VR Cover on.

I just performed a little test: Line of text on the screen from text hight from 9pt to 20pt (black TEXt on white page) (with over on and off) No real change, looking through my left eye blurry looking the my right eye much better.

I also placed the glasses upside down on my face, to check if it is my eyes or the glasses, the blurry image (glasses upside down) is now on the right… Hmmm,

I think the LEFT lens on my nreal Air are out of focus. Factrey calibration problem, or manufacturing… :frowning:



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Thanks @NeXtAntiX

Admittedly I wasn’t expecting all fonts to be equally blurry on one of the sides.
It does look like the issue is either with the lens manufacturer or with nreal’s plastic shell not beomg uniform.

How does the clear and focused right side perform for fonts smaller than 9pt ?
Do 6pt or 7pt still look sharp?


Hey there, i just recieved my Nreal Air’s today, and tho im extremely impressed, i have the exact same problem as mentioned in this Thread.

The left lens, or screen is blurry, and tho its less visible when Playing or watching movies, its making all text blurry and is causing a light aura around everything, also game graphics. And you Can clearly feel it with your eyes that something is off.

Im primarilly using it with my Steam Deck, and tried all sorts of stuff, but nothing Works. Is it possible to calibrate Them somehow?

Best Regards LynxDK

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Hi @LynxDK

Sorry to hear one of the lenses is blurry on your end.

Could you confirm if the image appears in focus on the other/right side?
Are you able to see 7pt/8pt fonts nice and sharp on the “good” side?

Yes, everything is sharp an crystal clear on the right side, and also tried putting Them upside Down to be sure it wasnt my eyes, but when i do everything in the right side then gets blurry.

Really annoying as they are bloody cool devices that really add to the game experience.

I live in Denmark and bought from Japan, so was hoping to be able to fix this without returning Them

I doubt it will be possible to fix this without getting a replacement.
May have to ask @XREAL-dev to send you a pair that has been tested for blurriness.

Nreal needs to upgrade their lens QC system.

I am still uncertain whether even the clear/sharp lenses are good enough for productivity work with current gen glasses. Do the eyes get tired after a few hours of looking at Excel?

To double check it’s not my eye or eyes that have the problem. I have asked a couple of family member and friends to try the glasses on, they are all saying the same, the LEFT lens of the glasses when viewing text is out of focus (Blurry).

I live in Australia, purchased my nreal Air from Japan also. I hope i can find away of having the nreal Air replaced, the glasses obviously have a problem!

Im sure there is a Q and A problem at the factory, now i see many more people posting about the same problem with their owen neal Air glasses.

This is very disappointing to me, as this is the first pair of AR glasses I’ve ever purchase. However, I am very impressed by the design / style and build quality. Just those lenses need to be fixed. (blurry) :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I also purchased my nreal Air from Japan, I too was hoping i could fix the problem without returning the glasses. Postage out of Australia internationally can be very expensive… :frowning:

I hope i can resolve this problem with the seller.



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I bought from American Amazon to Poland, I also have problem with blurry left lens and returning would be expensive so I found in my house piece of transparent plastic what when I look through it on left lence, image begin sharp so I will cut this plastic to smaller size and somehow glue it in front of left lense. Sorry for my english

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Hi, according to what you said, seems like a prescription lens is better for you?

I gave glasses to my friends and they agreed that left side is blurry and its not whole left side blurry but only middle part of left lense, its like wave. When I put on glasses up side down right side is blurry.

@NeXtAntiX @LynxDK @Pr1991

Were any of you able to get replacement glasses with clear lenses from Nreal’s after sales ?

There is also a report stating clear lenses are clear in the center and Not As Sharp Towards The Edges
Would anyone be able to confirm this please?

Apparently TCL NXTWear S glasses have lenses that are 25% sharper than the Air
Would the next gen model get uniformly clear lenses that are appropriately sharp for productivity work?

I returned my glasses and ordered a new pair.

I just recieved the new ones yestoday, and would you know, these new glasses Also have a blurry left lens, but not nearly as bad as the first pair i Got.
Also its not blurry over the entire lens, its blurry in the middle, but if i move the glasses up or Down a little the image become clear. So its like Waves which is a little annoying. However it seems my eyes are better at adjusting to this lens than the previous pair. So im teying to decide if i should keep these or return these, as my friend Got a pair with no faults at all.

Also i Can answer the question asked about lenses not clear at the edges. That is correct, they tend to be a little less sharp at the outer edges.

HI everyone,

Same problem over here!!! I bought them in October for review on my blog, no problem at all, love them and decided to keep them. I only used them when I travel. All of the sudden, the left eye became out of focus. I really thought it was my eyes, but I put them upside down and my left was clear and right was blurry, turn them is correct position and left blurry. So it’s really the left lens that has a manufacture problem. It’s hardware problem.

I’ve contacted the support to see if they can provide an exchange. If not, I will be really disappointed because these are very expensive in Canada (I had to pay duty on top or our poor exchange rate).

Can someone from nreal support confirm a manufacture issue and that they will address it? I hope just hope they have good costumer support.

Thanks in advance.

Hi All,

Same issue over here. I just received my glasses as well and the image is blurred/out of focus and I am unable to start AR Desktop mode with my M2 Macbook Pro. It just always replicates the screen.

Could anyone please suggest what can be done in this case.

Hi, could you please confirm if the MacOS of your Mac is V13.2 or 13.3?

Same issue and if I don’t figure it out before the return window closes, these are going back and I need to cancel my pre-order for the beam