Bright blue pixels on display issue Nreal Air

Hi, ive had these for a few months and im getting bright blue artifacts on my screen. It has been working fine up until now. if i move the arms up and down this can sometimes makes it go away but it always comes back making everything uncomfortable to look at. Its only the right hand screen and it seems to be happrning to other people as well.

Hi, seems like this happens under Air Casting mode. And I noticed that you said the issue disappeared after you moved your arms. Maybe it is caused by the cable. Please contact our after-sales team for further check. The email address is:

I will contact them thanks, i think its a bit more then a cable. It doesnt happen straight away and only after the device has been on for 20 mins or so. Seems like a heat/solder issue as the arm does get warm.

Hi, How long does it take them to reply?

Have you sent the email? I will push them to check and help you with this issue. Please tell me your email address.

Ive sent you a message with my email. Many thanks, D

They have come back to me confirming after sales support, thank you for your help. D

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Hi, Nreal have confirmed a hardware issue but i’m now having a back and forth between EE and Nreal. Nreal think EE can help me with an exchange but EE said it is out of there hands and Nreal need to be sorting it. To be honest this sort of agreement between Nreal and EE shouldnt be so complicated and should have been arranged between them when EE agreed to sell the Airs. Can you find out if there is an agreement in place between EE and Nreal as after sales don’t seem to be sure.

Hi, I asked the after-sales team, there is something we need to confirm with EE. Please do not worry about it, we will give you a specific answer once we get a reply from EE.

Seems like nothing was confirmed with EE, Nreal want to collect them and take them back to china. I find this whole thing unprofessional on both sides. Im hoping consumer law will stand here and i can get a full refund from EE due to unsatisfactory quality.

Latest update, EE said i can send them back to EE but lose any money paid, apart from a £10 deposit as this was an add to contract item, ive already paid £80 towards them. This is now a legal matter due to EE being the retailer and not abiding to the Consumer Rights Act 2015, EE will be sending me a letter of their offer for me to return the goods under their terms. This will be sent to the ombudsmen and EE legal team with a copy of UK consumer law. To be fair, the people in the excecutive department at EE didnt even seem to know anything about consumer law.

We tried to talk with EE about the after-sales service, I think both of us need to improve this part and provide much better service for the customers like you.

What did they say, EE has outright refused my repair and replace request which as a consumer they must deal with. Ill update when this has gone through the ombudsman and Legal team. Its actually a criminal offence to try and make out that a persons consumer rights are not valid

This is obviously uk law but still very valid in this case.

In the meantime im going to have to deal with having a £400 device that doesnt work.

Hi, I remembered that you said they agreed to change the device for you. Did they refuse now? No worry about it, I will let our after-sales team to deal with it for you, we will replace it from Nreal side.

Channel returns did. They said to contact customer services who then refused to repair or replace saying its Nreals issue. Ive been offered £10 with as it stands an £80 loss due to them adding the device to my monthly plan.

OK, please drop an email to for replacement service, I think you have sent emails to this address before.

Hi, yes i have and Nreal have been great so far, i let them know this is going through the ombudsman legal service in the UK, this is against EE only. I will let them know if EE are made to repair or replace my item, if not, which would be surprising if they do not have to, i will take up Nreals offer to collect them. At this moment in time though my issue is with EE not accepting its legal responsibility as a retailer. the item is of unsatisfactory quality and i have given them the opportunity to repair or replace which they have refused. hopefully, if this is successful, it will help Nreal in their communications with EE with further issues.

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Hi, i had a decision from the ombudsman yesterday and they agreed that EE has not recognised by consumer rights and should have sorted out my issue on the first contact. EE will have to replace my Airs, give me compensation, and best of all, write a written apology. They can still apeal this decision but it wont get them anything apart from a bit more time.