Browser plugin for Nreal (Unity)

Does anybody know if there is a good browser plugin which works for the Nreal Light glasses? I am working in Unity.

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I’d recommend Vuplex for Android.

Very powerful plugin that comes fully coded with Unity’s EventSystem, which means it will work with the NReal’s laser pointer right off the shelf with no extra coding, for both phone and hand tracking laser pointers.

Not to mention an actual virtual keyboard that you can use with the browser.

Plus, it has a C# (Unity) to JavaScript (Browser) communication which can let you do some crazy stuff.

And it works with WebCRT sites like chrome remote desktop.

Plus the guy working on it is very helpful, answers emails very quickly and even gives example codes for your situations :+1:

If you’d like to test it you can try it here:

Missing features I’ve encountered:

  • No full screen mode for videos
  • No file upload feature (still trying to figure this out)
  • No support for DRM content like Netflix
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Thanks! I got it to work finally. I was already using Vuplex but just had some problems with it lol

And yes I agree it’s really a great plugin and Nate is very kind and helpful!

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