Can I use USB-C type docking station (hub) for computing unit?

Can I connect Nreal light and other devices to the Nreal computing unit via a USB-C type docking station?
The computing unit has only one USB-C port, but I want to connect other devices at the same time.
I want to display on Nreal light and at the same time do serial communication between PC and Nreal computing unit via USB.

Hi developer. I’m sorry but no. If you use hub to connect dev-kit and glass, you will only see Android interface of computing unit in glass, instead of MR space.

Thanks for your reply…
Then, is there any solution to connect Windows PC and Nreal light to the Nreal computing unit at the same time?

Yes, you can use ADB wireless connection to connect your computing unit with PC, then plug glass with computing unit by Type-C. Hope it is useful to you.