Can not buy dev kit from China Mainland Online Store

i was tried to bought a Dev kit from China Mainland Online Store, click the submit button. there is no stuff happen. is here someting worng? i want buy a Dev Kit.

Hi, so you clicked the ‘Buy Now’ button then selected ‘China Mainland’ but nothing happened. I just checked the page and tried to test, and it worked. Please refresh the page and try again. If you still get the same issue, please let me know.

it’s work now. i found the http state code is 401 in console. but there is no prompt on the page. i was sign in then it’s worked.

OK, glad to hear it.

i recevived email by ‘’,It said would contact me in one or two business days.But I haven’t been contacted yet. Please let me know if have any questions. thx.

Could you please send me your email address by private message? Then I can double check it for you.

Has been sent. pls check it.