Can nreal air glasses handle a 3D HDMI signal?

I’m considering the purchase of a pair of nreal air glasses if they can handle an HDMI 3D signal (e.g. the output from a 3D Blu-Ray Player) and display the image in full-HD 3D. Just wondering if that’s possible or if it will be worked into future upgrades.

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Hi, sorry but there is no 3D player in our glass currently, also the third-party 3D player is not compatible. We are developing our own 3D player now and will release it in the future.

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Thanks for that. I really hope you do offer your 3D player in the near future as it would expand on the use of your nreal air glasses a lot. A lot of “home theater” people out there who would buy a pair to watch the big screen movies.

Please let us know when that 3D player is available!

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I’m waiting for this 3D functionality too. It’s a real waste of dual screen viewing not to support it - plus most comparable other glasses do seem to support it.


I too was trying to use N real’s HDMI adapter with a 3-D Blu-Ray player but it’s not detected as a 3-D display so if they could update the firmware so I can use it with 3-D devices I have with HDMI output that would be awesome.