Can Nreal be used on Upwork for freelancers?


I am a freelancer from Upwork and I was wondering if the screen that you saw on your Nreal glasses can be recorded on your Time Tracker from Upwork?

Well I thought that instead of me buying multiple monitor on my work place that eats a lot of space and energy on your electric bill. Well I am thinking of buying the Glasses instead which is more compact that you can bring it anywhere and anytime.

I would just like to be more practical and economical if I can use the Nreal for work as well not only for leisure.


Hi, the glass can only work as a mirror or expanded screen on a PC, and only a mirror screen on the phone. And it doesn’t support recording the screen in glass for this use case.

So even if its just a screenshot for your current screen. It cant be recorded? I understand. Well hope you’re able to find it out cause that would be a big yes for us freelancer. We can manage our multiple screen from our work that that could be more productive for us.